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MME Web servers

These are the web sites servered by

/is not on this server.

This is the host server for MME's web servers listed below:

These are aliases for, hpc100a is configured to also use the IP name hp735a. <history> Hp735a was the workstation that served as MME's web site host as many of the site aliases were added, and the name has been used on all the subsequent servers.</history>
Most recent change dates, read from server file system at 11:19 am Oct 21, 2016 (now).
The sites below are only displayed to WSU IP addressed browsers. These sites are listed here because they are:
  • underdevelopement and/or out of date
  • for internal use only
  • aliases for current sites
  • or for testing.
Having them on this WSU only list will keep them from being scanned by search engines.

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